sleepy bear

 flats: payless; pants: old navy; chambray: target

i've been a lazy dresser lately. i feel like all of my outfits are all, "meh, this is comfortable."
at this point, i would normally comfort myself with the knowledge that school is starting back up soon and i'll dress up for school, but...i graduated. so i'm just a lazy bones. a lazy bones who's ready for autumn.
well, speaking of letting myself go, let's take a close-up look at these flats:
yyyeah, one of the bows got ripped off by my bicycle pedal and i'm not throwing out a perfectly good (ok, payless, so...kind of good haha) pair of flats over one missing bow!

so...any narcoleptic readers out there?
i've always had an easy time falling asleep. david laughs about it because one minute i'll be wide awake, reading or cooking or something, and he'll announce that he's tired and we should go to bed soon. even though i'm not feeling tired, i'll agree and we'll get ready for bed. within 5 minutes i'm twitching and sleeping deeply and he's...awake for 5 more hours. i can fall asleep almost anywhere at any time...in a classroom, in church, in the store, in the car. all it takes is a warm place and i'm out like a light. often monotone voices speaking lulls me to sleep, too (hence the classroom and church sleepiness). i also honestly can't remember a time ever in my life when i couldn't drop off within a few minutes. true story: i fell asleep multiple times on the back of a motorcycle when we did our harley ride through arizona.

well, i figured i can't be alone in sleepiness...anyone else out there a quick, deep sleeper?


  1. Haha I'd just rip off that other bow, since they can apparently come off in a clean swipe.

  2. I actually LIKE the mismatched bow(s)!

  3. haha Brandilyn! That is me to the perfect T! I ALWAYS fall asleep in church, school, everywhere it's crazy! At hair school I had a really energetic teacher that was super loud and would get the entire class laughing and I would be completely out! So crazy! Hope you are doing GREAT! I love reading your blog : ]

  4. Me too! I fall asleep everywhere and anywhere. Unfortunately for my husband it happens most often in the car and it's almost impossible for him to wake me up when we've reached our destination.

  5. Aww - cute! I really LIKE the bow!

  6. but ur a cute little sleepy bear!!

  7. This could be one of my most favorite outfits of yours. I want that shirt and I love ankle length pants. I think the one bow adds character. :)

    I can fall asleep anywhere as well. I used to fall asleep as a dental assistant! We're talking holding the suction and masked face in the patient's face type of thing! If I'm tired I can fall asleep anywhere.

    David is staying with your David's family right now in Atlanta. They sound like the most wonderful people! I can't wait to meet them and I'm very jealous of their Sunday southern meal with fried vegetables from the garden. So charming!

    Hope you guys are well. It'll be fun to see each other in Georgia instead of Utah!


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