bag lady

sorry i'm posting late today. i didn't take any outfit pictures this weekend (also i wore the same navy blue pencil skirt all weekend, so boring), so i've got nothin'. i decided to do a "what's in my bag?" post, though! this is inspired by katie, who has the cutest dog in the whole world. i've done one of these before, but it was when i was still in school and my backpack was filled with textbooks, binders, planners, stacks of papers to grade, etc etc etc. the game's changed now that i'm just in the store all day!

this is the bag i take down to the store with me every day:
it was a birthday gift from david! homeboy's got good taste, huh? it's huge!
it fits all of my crap:
1. journals x 2: my moleskin journal (because i'm such a hipster) and one line a day journal, which i love.
2. head phones, so i can watch trash tv and no one will know.
3. store keys, car keys (with my fancy byui alum key chain, what what!).
4. the book du jour ("what's the soup du jour?" "it's the soup of the day." "that sounds good...i'll have that.")
5. laptop and charger, because what would happen if someone said something on twitter and i missed it?!
6. birdie pouch, which holds hair ties, bobby pins, chapstick, eye drops...brain...
7. wallet! so i can order my jimmy john's.
8. and my apple a day...which is usually accompanied by 15 other little snacks. my name is brandilyn and i am a snacker.

ok, what's in your bag?


  1. My bag has definitely been downsized as Brin doesn't need thaaat much stuff anymore. But, my bag sure looks like a drugstore. But my main items, hand sanitizer, chap stick, Dum Dum suckers, diaper/wipe folding changing pad, and toooons of pens and crayons. That bag is GORGEOUS!

  2. Did you pay the gas bill!?

  3. that doxie is cute...but foxy cleopatra still wins.

  4. I love "what's in your bag" posts! It reminds me that I should do one! Thanks for the inspiration!

    I found your blog through the Clothed Much Mormon blogger list. CUTE blog! Love it!

    Also, I am hosting a $25 gift card giveaway to Ann Taylor LOFT on my blog! Would love for you to stop by and enter. They have some great, modest finds! :)

    Along Abbey Road

  5. I love your bag! Can I ask where it is from?


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