saltwater sandals, old navy pants, wal mart tee
this picture was taken outside of the olive garden, 
just minutes after i told my bff shpitty that i left her number on my receipt so our waiter could call her up any time he darn well pleased. she was not impressed, and put me into the most ladylike of headlocks...which is why i'm still giggling and my hair looks disheveled. i was proud of my ponytail, even though it was born of a lack of motivation in the showering department. also, if i look chunky, it's because i'm stuffed to the brim, all full of bread sticks and minestrone soup and salad. yummm.
this was another one of those outfits that is all, "is this even worth posting?" blergh. maybe i'll do better tomorrow and we can be friends again?

or maybe not, once i show you this picture:
i'm newly obsessed with it. my friend lyssette sent it to me last night and i just think it's the most hilarious thing. i'm second from the left, riding my trusty first show horse dusty.
this picture led to a revelation on twitter that i once wrote my name wrong on a spelling test.
i wrote BARNDILYN. my name is BRANDILYN.
the worst part is that my teacher put a smiley face next to it, thinking it was an intentional, cutesy mistake. she really thought i was dorky enough to call myself BARNDILYN.
maybe i was, though. i mean, look at that picture. pretty dorky.


  1. aw fun! love the horse riding photo! i used to take lesson too. a whiiiile agoooo.

  2. Amazing hair! Love it!!! I wish I knew how to do updos. As for giving your friends # to the neighbor I would SO do that too! Lol!


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