bits + pieces

 flats: target; skirt: thrifted/edited; top: panache; sweater: kohl's
david liked this outfit.
i change my clothes a lot before deciding on what to wear in the mornings, most especially on sundays. i don't know why, it just takes me forever. i've been like this since i was a child. anyways, i put this combo on and david kept saying, "honey. this one looks good. real good! i like this one." soo i left it on...although i have a sneaking suspicion he was simply terrified of the growing pile of clothing left on our bedroom floor.

some bits and pieces from our sunday:

1- huge flag flying above our fire station (right behind our apartment). i'm so thankful the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 was on a sunday and allowed for a day of quiet reflection. we didn't have television in my house growing up, and i remember listening to the radio quietly for the entire 35 minute car ride to school. it didn't prepare me for the images flashing across the television screens once i got to school, though.
2- this was delivered to my lap  yesterday afternoon. who is this man i live with, and how did i get so lucky?
3- packing to go to california!
(post inspired by this cute lady)


  1. OMGSH!! i love ur hair so much in these pics it looks amazing!!!!

  2. Your hair!!!!!! :) Loves it!

  3. never been kissed. best movie. also i'm making that picture my desktop background because that sandwich looks so effing good. i'm drooling.

  4. Love it all!!!! (:


  5. mmm that sandwich looks good...

  6. L, i read this post like 6 times trying to figure out HOW YOU KNEW that i watched never been kissed last night before realizing you could see it in the sandwich picture, which is now your desktop photo. IT IS SO GOOD. the kiss at the end kills me every time.

  7. love the bangs!! they make your eyes so bright!

  8. I just wanna know what's in the OFUM package. :)

  9. Hello! Came across your blog and love your style! I'm an LDS fashion blogger too and a new follower :)

    xoxo, kat


  10. I change my clothes a billion times some mornings before actually finding something I like!

    BTW- That is the best looking sandwhich EVER :)

  11. i LOVE this outfit (i love all of them!)!! Gorgeous lady! =)


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