flats: target; skirt: f21; top/cardi: panache; scarf: vintage/my grandmother's
this outfit was a bit granny chic.
or maybe just granny, i don't know. you may call me bran the gran, har har har.
in truth, i wore this to church on sunday and was so focused on comfort that i lost out a bit on the glam factor. luckily, i was able to focus on some fantastic sacrament talks instead of on heels pinching my toes or a belt squeezing my middle. so maybe a granny is a good thing to be at church...? also, there are lots of really old ladies in my ward and i just wanted to fit in.

this week, david and i implemented a new program at panache. it's called the "give brandilyn a break" program and it is fantastic. i get two 20-minute breaks every day; one at 2:00 and one at 4:00.
i know 20 minutes isn't that long, but when i run upstairs to our apartment i seriously feel like i have so much time at my disposal. i could catch a cat nap...watch an episode of parks and recreation...read a couple chapters of my book...look out the window...do dishes...
or make myself a ridiculously big lunch a gobble the whole thing up.
i devoured all that yesterday during my 4:00 break. i felt positively spoiled, relaxing on my couch while the sun streamed through my window, eating my bowl of rice and chicken soup...and YES, my massive reese's big cup. i'm sure all you readers are super hot fitness gurus who will judge me for the entire duration of your 10-mile run that's probably a part of your marathon or triathlon training regimen. i'm too busy licking cheap chocolate off my fingers to care, though. HA!


  1. no matter how many miles i clock in the day, i will never say no to reese's peanut butter cups. they are my favorite, and the best guilty pleasure ever. actually no, they are so good i don't even let myself feel guilty! enjoy :)

  2. You always crack me up a little with your cute way of writing. Thanks for always keeping it real. You're simply adorable. For the record, the KING size is always the best.


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