i had, as always, way too much fun with my mom in california this week. we spent the whole time visiting, goofing off, making fun of all the housewives going bananas for the ugly missoni stuff at target, eating amazing healthy food, celebrating my mom's birthday, wandering around berkeley (our favorite place in the bay area!), being roommates because my daddy wasn't home (the only thing i would have changed about my visit if i could), and trying to convince marley to come snuggle with me.

a few snapshots of the week:
 after hugging him every time i walked into target for the last 2 years (that's not an exaggeration), i bought big buddha. and we drove him home safely, thank you very much.  packing him into my suitcase was a whole other story.
 trader joe's veggie/tofu spring roll wrapped in rice paper with peanut sauce...omg i want one right now. i ate that thing so fast i almost hurt myself, and then kept talking about it for the rest of the afternoon.
 my mom at her surprise birthday dinner! this is my favorite picture.
 auntie doing her holistic gourmet chef thing, making us birthday lunch!
 ironman salad--amazing.
 discussing goats and the benefits of raising them...
 chester lounging in the backyard, waiting for us to drop a piece of kale (his favorite)..
 frozen vegan soups my auntie sent home with me...we're defrosting a summer squash and roasted corn one for dinner tonight.
 my mom has an insane amount of essential oils! i always want to sample all of them.
the barrista at starbuck's heard my mom call me princess and labeled my vanilla bean accordingly
and this is the weather i came home to. beautiful. i love it! i also love fiddling around with my new camera.


  1. AH! I'm so glad you had such a great time :)

  2. your new camera takes awesome pictures!

  3. Looks fun. I'm going to see my mom down in az in November and now you've got me all excited! Mommy daughter time!

  4. I loooove vanilla bean frappuccinos! I get them all the time. #starbucksrocks. P.s. that statue is fantastic.


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