flats: modcloth; jeans: ae; tee: ?; necklace: truly sarah; head scarf: vintage/my grandmother's
i got a new camera!
since my last one broke, i've been borrowing my momma's camera and i decided this weekend to use my graduation monies to buy myself a brand spankin' new nikon d3100. i'm insanely pleased with my purchase, although i'm still recovering from the shock of swiping my card for that much money. usually the biggest thing i splurge on is some ben and jerry's half baked at the grocery store...or maybe a top from the target clearance rack.

TODAY, as you read this, i'm home in the bay area! yep, it's my momma's birthday this week (her goof-off day today!) and i couldn't bear the thought of missing it. so i'll be enjoying some much-needed family time, marley cuddle time, and goof-off day/birthday celebrating. poor david is staying in rexburg without me :( but i'll only be gone for a couple days and will be home to kiss his face off before the weekend.


  1. GREAT head accessory!! (: You are so pretty.


  2. i also love my nikon d3100 :)
    you should post a tutorial on ways to wear scarves on the head. i have some lightweight scarves, but i can never get quite the right look, or else they fall out too easily.

  3. we aren't that far away! I'm just here in SF!!!!

    Welcome to the Fog!

    Have a fabulous time home, I love going home.


  4. I love goof off days :) have fun!

  5. Glad your pleased with your new camera. I really need to purchase a new one myself!

    Happy Birthday to your momma. Hope she is having an awesome day.


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