happy times

 saltwater sandals; shade@panache skirt; f21 belt; thrifted top; target cardi
homegirl got new bangs!
i saw this post over on hdof, marched back into the salon, and demanded that my head match penelope cruz's. it sort of freaked me out when i saw that first clump of hair fall right before my eyes, but i've since recovered from the trauma and am happy to report that my new fringe and i are enjoying a happy life together. also, it's astonishing how shallow i managed to sound just now in only two sentences. tomorrow i have an exciting new purchase to tell you about, but for now, there's a tall, dark, and handsome guy to spend some time with and a cold bottle of water to chug. so, as i was instructed to say when i was a child at the dinner table, may i please be excused?

p.s. david just informed me (out of the blue) that he wants to name is dog orozco.
we don't even have a dog yet. i don't even know what orozco means. 


  1. CUTE HAIR!!! I am sooo scared of getting bangs because I have a pretty stubborn cowlick in the middle of my part. I can barely get a side part going. Poor Brin has MULTIPLE cowlicks in her hair.

  2. i'm obsessed with you.

    also, your hair is SO LONG

  3. gorgeous!!! i wanna see them not swept to the side too! :D

  4. Every time I go to the salon, I bring a picture of Penelope. Good choice! The bangs look great....and not too stereotypical "I got bangs." Which is REALLY refreshing.

  5. ummm .... YES you can rock those bangs. loveeeeee them

  6. Your bangs are bangin' and I loveeee your outfit!


  7. My boyfriend has already named our future dog and children! I like Orozco, even if we don't know what it means!

  8. wow so brave - they look awesome!


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