laboring the day away

heels: target; jeans: ae; top/vest: panache; earrings: truly sarah
how patriotic!
i had to celebrate labor day via my outfit...not really, i actually wore this a few days ago.
for our big day off (which was really only a day off for david because i have every monday off), david and i went out to breakfast and then i climbed back into bed while he went golfing. we ventured into idaho falls for a few hours because david needed new shoes, which proved to be impossible. the man set a budget of...$5. he would make an excellent remixing, thrifting, fashion blogger with that budget. believe it or not, we ended up with shoes for $10 and celebrated by splitting a strawberry limeade. we even shared a straw! but it's okay because we're married and we make out all. the. time.

anyways, we spent our evening in bed blogging (me), editing a video (him), and splitting a cinnamon pop tart. we might get really adventurous and watch an episode of the office on my laptop. i don't know, though, it's almost 10:30 so it's a little late for those kind of shennanigans.


  1. Ha Ha- Your idea of adventure and mine sounds very similar. I personally think you had a GREAT DAY!!!

  2. Love love love the sheer(ish) white top - perfect for summer!

    meanwhile have you seen this?


    it's a photo I found (i think of you) at my university in melbourne australia - weird right!

    on the upside - you're totally famous now!


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