my milk teeth

boots: thrifted; skirt: panache; top: styles
this is the stretchiest, comfiest skirt in the world.
i thought it would accentuate unsightly bulges (and maybe it does), but i just love it instead.

wanna hear something gross?
(isn't that an obnoxious question? kind of like saying, "oh man this stinks, you have to smell it." um, no! anyways, i'm going to continue with the gross story now)
i have a permanent bad taste in my mouth.

preface: i haven't had a glass of straight milk in years...at least since i lived at home, and probably even before then. growing up, us kids drank a glass of milk with dinner every evening, no exceptions. i hated it. this was, of course, before my mom became a vegan and started saying things like, "cow's milk turns a cute little calf into a heifer in 6 months...and it'll do the same to you!" which always makes me laugh.
well, i stopped drinking milk a long time ago. i never even buy a little $1 carton because i won't use it before it goes sour.

ok, back to the gross story about the permanent bad taste in my mouth: you know how when you drink a glass of milk and there's a residual...filmy, milky taste in your mouth?
i swear i have that all the time now.
but i don't drink milk! i rarely use dairy products!
is this a pregnancy thing? am i losing my mind? am i possessed? who am i? (that last one was in a derek zoolander voice)
well, sick of hearing me say repeatedly, "YUGH MY MOUTH TASTES AWFUL," david took me to our local gas station and spoiled* me:
i got all loaded up with tasty treats to keep my mouth tasting fresh.
i'm loving it! i love mentos. i love wintergreen lifesavers. i love having a fresh, NON-MILKY taste in my mouth. oh, happy day.

hey, doesn't david have mad photography skills? he's been looking at other fashion blogs, then googling tutorials and experimenting with all this manual shooting business for different shots. i'm impressed--for some reason, i just don't have the patience for it. homeboy's a smartie. and he likes a challenge. that's why he married me, heh heh heh. just kidding on that last part.

*milk pun intended. har de har har.


  1. Yay husband learning stuff! That's awesome. I've never heard of the bad-taste-pregnancy thing. Although, in the early stages of pregnancy, your gums can get a little swollen or infected or generally unhappy, and infections anywhere in your mouth make your whole mouth taste bad. Have you ever swished with hot salt water? It tastes gross, but it's the BEST thing for keeping your mouth healthy. I do it anytime I have a cold, and I did it twice a day after I had my wisdom teeth out and I didn't get ANY infection. Apple cider vinegar is good for that too, I hear, but there's no way in hell I'm swishing with THAT stuff. Anyway, the saltwater swish might be worth a try. It'll kill any bacteria that could be the culprit.

    Oh and your outfit is cute. =)

  2. Oh here are specifics: Water that's hot to the touch, but doesn't burn or cause discomfort. 1 teaspoon of table salt for 1 cup of water. Swish until you've used the entire cup, twice a day.

  3. I'm pretty sure it is pregnancy because I felt like I had nasty breath all the TIME! and when I brushed my teeth, I gagged everrrrrrrytime. I still do it now every once in awhile, so maybe I just have a weird problem, but seriously it was everytime I brushed! and I talked to a girlfriend who was pregnant awhile back and she said the same thing! So now I know it wasn't just me being a weirdo. I had serious morning sickness (well, serious meaning constantly on the verge of throwing up but didn't throw up more than 3 times) which I think is the WORST. I always had to have some sort of hard candy in my bag. It was ridiculous. But they helped!

  4. I'm going to to YES it's a pregnancy thing because I had the exact same thing - milk description and all. Seve bought me endless packs of Eclipse wintergreen gum that I would chew on constantly to keep the taste at bay. And Eclipse is that kick-you-in-mouth murder brand, not sissy stuff like Double Mint. I can't stand it now; it's too intense and reminds me of how sick I was!

  5. Anytime something weird happens- it's because you're pregnant. And then after you have the baby and something weird happens- it's because you just had a baby.

  6. Hmm..No ideas on what it could be! That is odd.

    Your outfit is soooo cute. I love that top. Your right too, your photographer is awesome!!!

  7. Yay for you husband! That is so cool! And yay for being pregnant! Congratulation!


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