oh bay-bee YOU

 sneaks: kmart; pants: old navy; tee: target; scarf: panache
 hooray for wearing a scarf and not suffering because of the heat!
back in california, marley's feeling all:
because it's too hot to do anything. but in rexburg, i'm like:
because crisp air gives me happiness and energy and everything good in the world!
crisp air is not the only thing that brings amazing things. sometimes david brings me amazing things, too. 
like this milkshake:
yeah. he brought me this after giving me a 20-minute break from the store to have a nap.
marriage works very well for me. actually, marriage to david is what works for me.
cue me singing: "oh bay-bee YOU! you got what i neee-eeed!"
(but just that one line, the rest of the song doesn't really apply here)


  1. that crazy pic of you: perfection. xo

  2. you be lookin hotttt!!! i love that scarf!

  3. Mmmmm...a chocolate shake bringing hubby is definitely a good hubby. Sounds as though he is a keeper!

  4. Love that scarf with that green top!


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