boots: vintage; jeans: ae; belt: panache; tee: yoga studio i used to work at; bow: handmade
this was the best. day. ever.
i woke up in our CHILLY bedroom. we've kept the window open all night during the summer, but this was the first time it was COLD when i woke up...but i loved it! i kept begging david to leave it open for just a few more minutes while i stayed snuggled up in our warm bed. it was awesome.
i kicked off my day with a massage...which wins for the all-time best way to kick off a day. aaah.
i also got a hot hazelnut cocoa and mexican chocolate cupcake. the sugar buzz felt so nice after being all relaxed and loopy.
i got dressed in NEW jeans (i sold a bunch of prom dresses at a {SMELLY} consignment store in idaho falls and used the money to buy jeans and dinner at olive garden!) and BOOTS. oh happy day!

whenever my mom has a particularly good yoga class, she says she feels "blissed out."  that's totally how i felt yesterday. it was just the most blissful day in the history of blissful days. there are so many good, exciting, thrilling things happening in my life right now, and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

i'm spoiled rotten.

also...today i have been married for THREE YEARS and ONE MONTH. i love acknowledging silly anniversaries because david always laughs and shakes his head. i always tease him. "what did you get for me? i hope you didn't spent more than $300 on this little anniversary." oh i'm such a nut.


  1. OMGSH YOU LOOK SO CUTE!!!! i love your whole entire outfit.. jeal!!!

  2. i love your boots!!you look chic!!
    kisses from prague

  3. You look great!(: Happy anniversary (;


  4. Ooh! Tell me about the jeans! I love jeans... I really do... I'm weird I know... but I love them.

    I LOVE the little bow in your hair.

  5. Aren’t consignment shops the best? Did the one you went to pay right away or wait until your items sold?

  6. Jorda, they payed cash right up front! It was fantastic!

  7. hahaha I do the exact same thing! Except mine our like Hey, we've been married for 3 months and one week! Did you bring me a treat?! And somehow I look like I'm two when I do it and husband thinks it's hilarious. And I really love your outfit. I'm a little bit jealous that it's getting cool there and it's still 110 in Arizona. It's cool though, because i won't be jealous when you have to shovel snow and I can just wear a ligt cardi. Win some, loose some :)

  8. Just found your sight and I am hooked. You are so adorable and the title of your blog is two of my favorite things... so I am sold! I will be back to check out what other inspiration I can gain. :)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous boots! I'm so happy that you're having a blissed out day. :)


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