to be a pioneer

 sandals: maurice's; skirt: kohl's; chambray: target; headband: styles

 we broke out our camping gear this weekend!
as soon as we realized it was cooling off we scrambled to get outdoors for a night of tinfoil dinners, s'mores, and conversation around the campfire with some friends! also, peeing outside and mosquito bites. but mostly fun! we found an ideal spot right by a river, which we heard flowing all night long, and our dinners turned out magnificently. i wish we could have stayed for a few more nights, but responsibilities like work and teaching primary called us back to real life after only one night.
 dave fishes; i read

cozy campsite
 right by the river
getting dinner started! my hair still smells a bit like fire.

we ended our camping adventure by getting breakfast at mcdonald's. just like the pioneers!


  1. we camped this weekend too! Looks wonderful. Hope you enjoyed it thoroughly!

  2. Liz, it's by Kelly Canyon and...Wolf Flats? I don't know, David just told me that. I sat in the car and talked his ear off while he drove. It was south of the ski resort.

  3. Love that skirt!....although I am sure it would be a foot shorter on me. Le sigh. I'll just keep gawking at the pics and live vicariously through you.

  4. Julia, it has a fold over waist...so it would totally unfold and probably be long enough!

  5. Camping,how fun!!
    You look darling in that outfit! I love it!

    check me out!

  6. Looks like so much fun! We love to camp too!


  7. what a gorgeous campsite! too bad you could only do one night... we're still hoping to get away for ANY camping this summer!

  8. Yay for camping! such fun times! Best to get it done while the weather is still good!

  9. brandilyn i want your skirt!!!!!! did you get it recently? i just wonder if they still have some! looks great on ya.


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