you can go your own way

 heels: target; jeans: gap clearance; belt: panache; thermal: thrift store on telegraph in berkeley; bracelet: sea world
i looked like my mother in high school today.
i kept thinking that while i got ready: straight across bangs, straight hair, bell bottoms. i remember my mom telling me she used to iron her hair...this was before straighteners, see. i texted my mom a pic and she agreed that i looked like her, which always makes me proud. i even downloaded fleetwood mac's rumours album to get into the 70's vibe. too bad david wasn't here to appreciate his flashback of a wife...he's traveling on business to colorado, boo. i dropped him off at the 5am shuttle he took out of town and blubbered like a baby the whole way home. maybe i'm an emotional train wreck...i mean, the guy's only gone for 2 days. he comes back tomorrow. yeesh.

anyways, i liked wearing my bangs like this. it's growing on me. we'll see.


  1. You might just be the hottest pregnant lady ever.

    North Meets South

  2. Your smile is so pretty.
    I love the shirt color!


  3. CHIC. bangs are a definite YES.

  4. Um, GORGEOUS! And congratulations on the little one - I haven't been online in a while so this is the first I've heard of it!! So exciting :)

  5. Um, Bran? You look smokin' hot in this outfit. I might have a crush on you :)

    Miss you, lady.

  6. Your hair looks amazing, and your legs look super long! Love <3

  7. LOVE the straight across bangs and LOVE those jeans on you! NEVER TAKE THEM OFF!

  8. whoa. do you know the song leggy blonde by flight of the conchords? because maybe it just started playing in my head. ha ha!!
    soon i'll be putting up a picture of the day kitty foreman was preaching the gospel.
    it must be 70's week!

  9. Awesome outfit!!

  10. Okay, so I'm not the only one that noticed your legs look WOWZA long!

  11. we used to iron my sister's hair with the clothes iron and it always scared the crud out of me. what if she caught fire?! i love the bangs.

    ps. a super happy congratulations on your little bun in the oven! you will love being a mom!

  12. Great bangs they really do look fantastic! You pull off those jeans so well! Great picture all around :))

  13. Then your mom was a hottie in high school.... OW OW!!!


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