big chicken

 oxfords: target; cords: j brand; top/necklace: panache
this is probably the last time i'll wear these pants for a while.
i'm getting bigger. behold:
yep. it's not just my stomach...my booty's gotten a little bit bigger, too. this is all strange to me, but pretty freaking exciting, even though it makes getting dressed a new kind of challenge every morning.

my newest halloween tradition is reading the plots to scary horror movie on wikipedia. i'm too chicken to watch 99% of them (i'm more of a slapstick humor kind of girl), so reading what happens start to finish usually gives me just the right amount of spook...and makes me realize how silly the plots to most horror movies are! anyways, now you know what a chicken i am.


  1. So excited for you too!!! Time for a trip to the Mall for some new duds:)
    Happy weekend!

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  2. Havent read your blog in awhile..congrats on the new baby!! Love the shirt btw!:)

  3. oooh, good idea. I refuse to watch scary movies!

  4. cute! your blog is so fun! Are you in rexburg??!?


  5. haha reading the plots on wikipedia...that's good. you crack me up

  6. chynna, i am! the boutique i own and run is on main street in downtown rexburg :)

  7. hahahahahahahhahahah reading the plots? you're hilarious! I would so do that. I'm kind of a whimp.

  8. I haaaaate suspense, so if I am forced to watch a movie that I know will be suspenseful, I always read the plot on Wikipedia :)

    Welcome to the pregnant bloggers club, btw!

  9. I do the exact.same.thing. I'm too chicken to watch even the commercials, but I always read the plots on Wikipedia. I guess I'm not alone in my craziness :)

    North Meets South

  10. Oh yes, pregnancy is nothing if not a fashion/dressing challenge! :) And the challenge is constantly changing as you get bigger and bigger!

    I'm 32.5 weeks along a pants are pretty much not comfortable anymore, though I'm still trying. :)

    Meggy from Chasing Davies


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