the birthday boy

 hello hunchback brandilyn!
 boots: thrifted; jeans: bke @ buckle; top/cardi: panache; necklace: truly sarah
happy happy day!
today is my cute husbands birthday! david loves his birthday. he spends the preceding 6 months counting down and plotting what he thinks i'll be getting him. i'm so excited to have a day to celebrate the most important person in my life! david is one of the most hard-working, loyal, and kind people i know. he deserves everything good in the world and i'm so grateful to be along for the ride.
mr. david is spending his special day getting a massage, not doing his hair, eating delicious (dairy/gluten-free) food, and opening presents...just as it should be!

p.s. speaking of awesome people named david...
did everyone catch david cross in modern family this week?
he's my favorite! mostly because i just imagined it was tobias funke, MD running for office.



    Love him.

    Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  2. happy bday to david!!!! and ur hair look sexy i loveeeee it!!!!!!

  3. Happpppy birthday Dave!! Love you two SO much! So blessed to have you two in our lives!!

  4. hahah that was such a good Modern Family episode!! :) And why don't you have a belly yet? Not far! my belly is bigger than yours and I have no child growing in mine! Also, I'd love to hear some of the things you guys eat if your dairy/gluten free. I'm thinking about maing the gluten free switch


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