boot scootin' boogy

 boots: etienne aigner @ tj max; leggings: target; tunic: h&m; necklace: truly sarah

 i got new boots!
while our husbands were at the priesthood session of general conference, i had a girl's night out with my good friend chelsea. we got panda express (i'm really predictable) and, of course, went shopping. i spied these babies at tj maxx and knew they would have to come home with me. i got the in-person nod of approval from chelsea and texted approval from both my mom and shpitty, so i went ahead and did it.

well, my shiny new boots did not get the warm welcome into my household that they deserved.
david was convinced that i owned plenty of perfectly good boots (true, but i think there was room for just one more pair...). i kept trusting that in due time he would see how beautifully they clung to my calves, how supple the leather was, and he would fall in love as i had.

sure enough, when it came time for outfit pictures, david wanted to make my lovely new boots the star of the show. i didn't complain one bit! actually, i did complain, but that was because i'd been on my feet all day and was ready to eat a delicious, homemade, chicken salad sandwich on the couch. being knocked up sure can suck the energy out of a girl. also, i may or may not have cut the stomach out of these leggings and then worn one of those maternity belly band things. embarrassing, right? i've started to get a belly, but it's more of a "someone's getting chubby" kind than it is an "aaw, baby!" kind.


  1. dude, i totally tried those on in IF, but I could NOT get those puppies zipped.. my calves are ginormous! so yay for you! haha i'm jealous

  2. Oh my gosh. Those boots were worth it, period. How I wish I had a TJX where I live!!
    And you have to be the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. Just wanted to let you know.

  3. LOL you're hilar.

    also--OBSESSED with the boots

  4. Hooray for new boots!
    and I LOVE the tunic!


  5. Yes, getting knocked up can be tiring... lol (totally guilty of loving that song in your title)
    I was cool with the pregnant belly until ~8 monthish...then I just thought Shamu & I were blood relatives..


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