chunky monkey

boots: etienne aigner @ tj maxx; tights: express; skirt: f21; tee: yoga studio 
there's a little buddha doing yoga on my tee shirt!
i think he's cute. we have matching little fat bellies, too. i'm going to pretend mine is as cute as his.

last night was weird. there was a ton of friggin' noise in the ballroom above our apartment, which was driving us insane, so we went out to eat just so we could sit in peace and quiet for a little bit. i got breakfast for dinner, which i hardly ever do, and then fell asleep on the couch when we got home. i woke up with a sore throat, so i ate some birthday cake and watched malcom in the middle.

none of this makes any sense as it differs quite drastically from my regular routine.

so i feel strange and i'm having trouble knowing how to snap out of it.


  1. Cute outfit.....Hope you feel better.....Im eating breakfast for lunch right now, lol.

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  2. your BELLAAYYY is so cute.

  3. Hey! I came into the store yesterday and met your husband. BTW, I love your blog and Panache! Have a good day!

  4. That outfit is adorable and I agree with previous comments, your belly is adorable! That sounds like my dream night.

  5. I feel strange after reading this. What a weird experience.

  6. ok brandilyn reading your blog every now and then reminds me just how much fun random normal life is.
    love it.
    and i swear i'll stop commenting for the day.

  7. Amazing outfit and gorgeous boots totally loved it.


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