flats/cardi/tee: target; skirt/necklace: panache
it was pouring rain when we took these.
that's why they're a little bit fuzzy. david sat in the car to protect the camera and i stood in the rain because i love the rain. 

today i went to idaho falls to pick up my boots from the cobbler. i found the most charming cobbler who sewed up the hole in the toe of my boots and reattached the toe to the sole for only $5. what a deal. plus, now my $15 thrift store boots look like (almost) new.

also today: one of my husband's good friends is up at the hospital here in town for a few nights, so david decided to go have a little sleepover and keep him company last night (they have a little cot for visitors, it wasn't like a...bed sharing situation...). although i was happy to share my mister (he is good company, after all), i spooked myself out when something in my apartment crashed and i sat waiting for the attack that would surely follow. nothing happened, i pressed play on my laptop, and continued watching an old episode of friends and eating sourdough toast. when i finally summoned the courage to exit my bedroom (i.e., i had to pee really bad), my shower curtain had fallen down. 2 years of holding up perfectly fine, and tonight it just...collapsed. fascinating.


  1. i like this! and i have those same shoes! i do wish your skirt was a little shorter, though, but i think that's just personal taste. you look lovely!

  2. i loveeee your outfit!!!! and ur skirt!!!! u look prettttty

  3. I would like this skirt a little longer...

    (but I don't really recognize you with your clothes on)

  4. Hi, I feautured you over on my blog today!




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