boots: thrifted; skirt/top/cardi: panache; flower: gift from the incredibly sweet erin

yesterday i read a most inspiring article about a momma who ran the chicago marathon this last weekend 39 weeks into her pregnancy. near the finish line, she started having contractions, went to the hospital, and delivered a stunning little baby girl.
i was reminded of my own momma, whose water broke while she was on her daily morning run, ushering my sweet, smiling face into the world (just kidding; i was a horror of a grumpy baby).

i got to thinking.

"man. i haven't even busted out my prenatal yoga dvd, and i just started month 4. why is that? maybe i should start jogging! i've always wanted to be a jogger. i could get cute workout gear at least..."

and then i went to the grocery store with my bff shpitty, and after walking around for a while, got dizzy in the produce aisle. "what's up? you look awful." i will always appreciate shpitty's blunt nature. i shook it off, insisting that i felt fine, i just got a bit dizzy.
it didn't go away, though, and halfway through the self checkout my vision started tunneling in and my hearing got fuzzy. "oh, man. i think i'm going to pass out." i chucked my debit card at shpitty, stumbled over to the only available chair (which happened to be attached to a motorized shopping cart), and sat down with my head in my arms. oh, and hollered my PIN across the checkout area so she could pay for my groceries...woops.

anyways, i was fine and made it home and didn't die.
but pregnancy has totally knocked me off my feet. if i'm going to run a marathon, it's going to be trained for with a baby in a jogging stroller, not in my belly. right now the little haynes gets all of my energy, and not 1% less.

also, last night i made cashew chicken and it was insanely good. i always have enough energy for good food!


  1. LOL i can just picture you sitting in the motorized cart. you poor little kitten.

  2. I totally get what you're going through! Im 13 weeks preg. and thought I'd be working out and eating healthy. Took a trip to Target and started getting all sweaty about to pass out too! I think that marathon lady has some kind of super pregnant powers =)

  3. Crazy how fast things change huh???? I tried to do too much in the last month and it put me in the hospital for a few hours of observations because my blood pressure was high and they thought it was preclamsia (not good). So...the whole "eating for two, take it easy" thing isn't false! except, I took eating for two literally and actually ate...for two...and gained 40 lbs.

  4. ps, love the new layout!

  5. I'm not a runner to begin with but I can't imagine running 7-8 months in. haha I did pregnancy yoga though ('Yoga Momma') & totally credit it to keeping my kid head down all throughout pregnancy. It's awesome!

  6. Yeah, as a friend I'm commanding you to not do things that make you pass out. Not while you're knocked up. Or really ever. Maybe yoga. Low-impact stretching is allowed.


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