flannel buds

 oxfords: ebay; pants: old navy; flannel: panache
look at us, so matchy-matchy!
david told me to wear my flannel and he looked so cute in his, i had to do it.
mr. david doesn't much like the camera, but he puts up with it for me. especially when i wear flannel...even though we swore we would never be one of those couples. you know, the one's who match their dress and tie every single sunday? i don't think one day of coordination puts us in that same category, though...right?


  1. Ha Ha- You all look adorable in your matching flannel.

  2. If Jacob and I could be any other couple, we'd be you. Because you wear matchy-matchy flannel.

  3. Ooooh your shoes! I gotta figure out this eBay shopping, I feel like I never find good stuff, try try again right? :)

  4. Oh my word ... you two are DARLING!

  5. This is nuts! haha. I almost wore the exact same outfit today. And, I mean exact same... same rockstar jeans, same tan oxfords... just a different flannel. Navy and green, though.

    hah, must be a sign. I know what I'll be wearing tomorrow! :)


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