food trucker

 boots: thrifted; jeans: ae; tee: target; sweatshirt: panache
crazy hair haynes over here!
my hair was greasy and gross after a day running errands, so i hopped in the shower before meeting some friends for dinner and let my hair do the whole air dry thing. my hopes for soft beach waves were dashed against the rocky shores of my frizzy-haired reality. my hair just doesn't dry all soft and pretty-like. i guess if i was a true blogger i would have thrown it up into a hasty/huge topknot...but i didn't...so i fail at blogging.

so does everyone out there have a gandolfo's in their town?
we used to have one, and it was mine and david's favorite place to go eat. they have a huevos locos breakfast sandwich with egg and sausage and salsa...and delicious turkey and avocado sandwiches...mm it's all so good! well, they up and left, as 90% of all businesses in rexburg do, and we were sad.
but then, the gandolfo's food truck started coming around!
we are no stranger to the food truck. most of our dates were to the taco bus (was it really four years ago we started dating?!) and we still frequent it. so the combo of a food truck and a gandolfo's just has me thrilled. i'm a regular around there now, and i am not ashamed!
my lack of fine taste in food has never embarrassed me, actually.
instead of adorable coffee houses, local cupcake shops, and trendy bread and soup cafes...i adore a good mcdonald's or taco bus run. especially late at night. i'm a classy lady! i don't pretend to be a foodie...although we do try to balance out the junk with decently healthy homemade meals for the majority of the week.

anyways, you can follow the gandolfo's truck around on their twitter feed right here
i'll probably see you there ;)


  1. Mmm. food trucks. sounds like I need to come visit. So I can eat and rub your belly. You like that, right?

  2. ah! those are the PERFECT boots! so jealous.

  3. Hilarious! I looooove a good fast food run (Chick Fil A over in the south!) but it grosses Ry out so much. We always feel like death after we eat it, but ahhh I love a good french fry and shake!

  4. a classy girl after my own heart! I love that sweater!


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