it's her birthday and i'll cry if i want to

you guys, my little clothing store is turning THREE on monday!
i am in shock. this three year mark sort of snuck up on me, you know?
anyways, we're having a week-long celebration and i thought i'd post it here in case anyone reading is in rexburg and wants to come say hello. i also wouldn't object to any birthday jigs you may feel so inclined to do in the store...

she's grown up so fast, i don't know where the last 3 years went. it seems like only yesterday she was an ugly, poorly-stocked, undecorated piece of real estate in need of lots of love. this picture is from one of the first nights we got to work inside the store:
just look at the gorgeous, feminine, fully stocked cutesie she's become! i'm so proud.
i'll probably post more before and after pictures next week as i get emotional about how far we've come. really, this has been one of the most fulfilling and fun projects ever. i'll be so sad when the time comes to hand her over to a new mommy (sniff, sniff).

really, though, come celebrate with us if you can! i would love to see/meet you!

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  1. i love the "dope tans yo" sign. so good.


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