it's a little bit funny...

boots: etienne aigner @ tj maxx; pants: target; sweater: maurice's
oh my word, this was a funny day.
neither david nor i slept well the night before--we went to bed at a reasonable hour, but kept getting distracted by sourdough toast and old episodes of the office well past our bedtime. i had to wake up early, and i kept waking up in the middle of the night worried i'd missed my alarm. needless to say, i was a bit sleepy and out of it all day.

we had an incredibly relaxing evening, though. we got hocus pocus from the redbox (neither of us had seen it before!), ate some french fries, and hung out in our sweatpants with our little portable heater blasting. we've got a busy week in the store and it's nice to spend our evenings as hermits.

in other news, david's pretty excited about the monopoly situation over at mcdonald's. we don't even eat there very much. has anyone out there won a million dollars? or even, like...fifty?


  1. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever. The night you described is the kind of night that makes marriage really awesome. Jacob and I always get distracted over music and old episodes of Arrested Development and/or Firefly. ("Ok, just ONE more episode. This is the last one...really...")

  2. Um, ok, weird. This is Liz. But it says that I am Kate. That's because Kate and I both work in the theatre dept. and we share a computer. So this is Liz. And that last comment about Jacob and Arrested Development was Liz too.

  3. haha heyyyyyy i always play the mcdonalds game!! ive never won anything :(( u look sooooooooooooooooo pretty btw

  4. cute belly!!! Pregnancy is so fun and exciting!!

  5. Hottt!

    We made a stop by McDonald's last week and had dinner on the cards from Skyler's G-Ma! We didn't win fifty dollars--we did win a parfait. Even better.


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