monday update

 boots: target; skirt: ruche; tee: gap; cardi: kohl's
i talk about my clothes on here a lot.
i guess it's ok, since it's cats and cardigans, but sometimes i read over a post and i bore myself talking about my own life. i can only imagine how bored you must be.

well, here's the type of update that i started this blog 3 years ago to give:
-us haynes are doing well. we really, truly, fully love our life right now...even with all the uncertainty that it holds.
-david works all day, flies the occasional mission on his flight simulator at night, and golfs or dirt bikes in his spare time.
-i also work all day, write blog posts, read books (i just finished the harry potter series!), and place clothing orders at night, as well as do lots of research about what our baby's up to on any given day (like here). i've also been cooking more and am loving trying new recipes! some are delicious. some are not.
-we talk a lot. about everything. we're talkers.
-we still don't know where we'll be moving. sounds frustrating, right? it's not. i feel a whole lot calmer about it than you'd think i would.
-since we don't know where we're moving or what our insurance situation will be like, i still don't have a doctor. i don't even know if i'll be seeing a midwife or an ob. that's crazy, right? at 4 months? well, i feel great and once again...a whole lot calmer about it than you'd think i would.
-we're really excited to buy a house in the next couple months and spend lots of time looking at cute little places on acreage in the areas we might be moving to.
-the store is not officially sold, but we don't feel like that's too far off. as with everything else in our life right now...we'll see!

so that's what's new with us...basically, not a whole lot!

p.s. i've been getting so many sweet and fun questions on my formspring!
if you have any questions you'd like to ask anonymously, please feel free to ask them respectfully here. i'm more than happy to chat about my religion and beliefs, my education in english, or my little business.


  1. this is neither here nor there, but i love your bangs/hair like that! and your tiny baby bump is cute! i would be curious to hear about your pregnancy care choice, because if i am pregnant (for the second time) in the future, i am considering switching to a nurse midwife in a birth center. my first was with an ob in a hospital, induced, with epidural. if i don't go into labor on my own, though, i'll be signing up for pitocin again. ah, perhaps you did not mean that i should tell you my stories in your blog thread? oops.

  2. anna, i don't mind at all! i still have so much to learn. i don't have any pregnancy care yet! right now i'm leaning towards a midwife and a birthing center, but this all depends on our location come april.

  3. DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR. Please. It's so pretty.

  4. so exciting that you have so much going on :) I'm glad you're calm through it all! Good for you! also i just checked out your formspring. That question about nudity made me laugh too!

  5. Brandilyn it sure is fun to read your blog. Even when it's just about you and David and your silly everydayness. Yes. New word.

    If you answer questions about church I'd love to put a link to it on my blog. Because missionary blogging can be so boring.


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