much ado about food

 boots: thrifted; jeans: gap; undershirt/sweater: panache; necklace: truly sarah
david likes that last picture. i think it looks like i have a lazy eye.
but...since he is my photographer, back scratcher, and sprite fetcher...i included it.

sunday was a cooking FAIL day for me.
david made an amazing breakfast, as is tradition for conference sundays.

then i told him a chicken melt sounded like it would be a pretty good dinner. so he makes me a chicken melt, and the smell of the rotisserie chicken is making me all gaggy and gross feeling, but i'm thinking, "i love grilled cheese, this is just a grilled cheese with a little chicken added in, it will be delicious." and i took one bite and gagged so hard i almost...you know. arrrgh.

i felt terrible.

so then i had raviolis, but the only spaghetti sauce we had on hand was spicy. i ate it anyways, but all night the smell of the sauce in the bowl in the sink was making me (you guessed it) gag.

and then i made this pumpkin loaf recipe i found on pinterest, which smelled delicious. i went to make the cream cheese frosting, though, and it looked like spit up. baby spit up. and then i cut into it and the top half was still batter. none of this made me gag, it was just kind of off-putting.

i just failed at everything food yesterday.

i did buy this little number at target on saturday night, and i keep pulling it out to look at it and imagine a cute, tiny, bald head all tucked inside it...and when i picture that, really, what's a little food aversion? i'll take it all day long.


  1. I NEED that sweater! So cute! Are you still selling them in the store?

  2. cute beanie!!!! i'm so excited for you guys!

    visiting teaching soon?



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