roger, roger. what's our vector, victor? we have clearance, clarence.

i forgot to take outfit pictures yesterday! wooops.
it was such a great day, though, and i took lots of pictures of things way more exciting than what i wore. so i'm going to share those with you!
i've been praying for gloomy, rainy weather and i couldn't be more thrilled that it's finally here.
breakfast! pregnancy has made me ravenous in the mornings. it's embarrassing how fast i wolf down breakfast...embarrassing and delicious. got that mug for $3.99 at tj maxx, it's huge AND has my name on it. score.
 mexican hot chocolate makes work fun.

yesterday was super (x3500) exciting because megan, who i work with (she's one of our fabulous hair stylists!), and i took our husbands to FLY HELICOPTERS!
it was a total surprise for megan's husband josh, and it's been so fun keeping the secret and deciding exactly how to tell him.
it became a running joke while we were at the helicopter school that i had to document everything. but really, how often does my husband get to fly a helicopter?! not that often. actually, never.
it was like pulling teeth to get this one to smile for a picture...but i'm glad he did!
 megan & josh (who finally have a blog, hooray!)
 handsome helicopter husbands.
this is me like, "c'mon, kiss me!" and dave's all, "um, people are watching..."
we're not really a PDA couple.

anyways, it was so exciting to watch my husband try something he's always wanted to do and to get to spend the say with our good friends. we're thinking airplanes for next week's date night...


  1. exciting helicopter date!
    but i have to tell ya, i get really confused when you post pictures of your "huge" meals that you eat when you are "ravenous". they are the quantities of my hearty snacks, and would not fill me for more than an hour. it makes me feel like a porker, just sayin'. ;)

  2. It rained here in UT yesterday also. I loved it, it was beautiful. Today has rained all day but it's freezing. There's no medium for us good ol' utahns!!

  3. Coolest date ever. Coolest wife ever. You win!

  4. FABULOUS pictures! I really enjoyed this post :)

  5. oh my gash, I think I have that yellow hat, it's my favorite hat in the universe! I wore it yesterday because of the weather in Rexburg. I didn't think anyone else had it...I feel cooler all of a sudden. I even blogged about it:


  6. these pictures are way too cute and so is your outfit!


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