boots: mommed; dress/tights: express; shrug: target; necklace: truly sarah; stomach: 14 weeks!
david and i live right next door to the police/fire departments. from time to time, when i'm pulling out of our parking lot, i look to my left and get the biggest scare:
they have this extremely realistic-looking dummy that they just leave lying there! it really does look like a dead body. so eerie.
on this same day, i was cleaning tanning beds (my fave) and i guess my bff shpitty snuck into the salon and hid in one of the rooms, then scared the crap out of me when i walked in. she nearly got punched in the face for that one.
i scare very, very easily.
speaking of spooky things...i got little ghosties on my nails!
gotta love those sally hansen nail things, and halloween.


  1. That totally does look like a person! I freaked when I saw that photo. let's just say I skipped the explanation and was like OHMYWORD IT"S A DEAD PERSON!!! and then I read the explanation. Oh life can be so silly sometimes.


  2. Your prego tummy is adorable! Yay you!!!

    Oh and that dummy is terrifying, I'd definitely never EVER get used to seeing it!!! Ah!!!

    I'm going to go to my local target to try to hunt down those ghost nail sticker things! SO cute!!! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. Baaahahaha that dummy is so creepy!

    Love the nails. :)

  4. You look great!!!!

    I am going to miss the taco bus!

  5. I scare easily too. I always check behind the shower curtain whenever I'm in the bathroom! Love the nails btw :)

  6. The few times Jacob tried to scare me, I instinctively threw my keys at his head. When it comes to fight or flight responses, my impulse is almost always to fight.

    (Tiny baby bump! Yay!)

  7. I love your little tummy!!! And that dummy would have scared the crap out of me too! I probably would have run around screaming!

  8. Holy baby bump!!! You look amazing, and congrats!!!


  9. this is for real like the cutest outfit ev!! idk why im obsessed. just wanna be you basically!!

  10. Oh my awkward! I wonder if they do that for laughs - 1. place dummy on sidewalk 2. Hide behind window & watch reactions. hahaha
    Your bump is so cute!!


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