boots: kohl's; pants: old navy; top/blazer: panache
how was your halloween weekend?
i partied it up!
well, kind of. i threw an impromptu friday night party with sarah, which turned out to be so much fun (pictures to come). saturday night we had a quiet dinner with some good friends while a party raged in the ballroom next to our apartment.
we walked through the ballroom while the party was being set up, and there were a couple girls in there. as we walked by david said, "looking good!" one of the girls perked up and said, "oh, thanks!" and then david got worried she thought he was getting saucy so he corrected himself. "the...ballroom. the decorations look great." and the girl says, "oh. right." and as we walk out we hear her say, "he wasn't talking about me."
i don't know why it made us laugh, but laugh we did.

anyways, what's your costume this year? i want to know!
have a happy (and safe!) halloween!


  1. I was Irene for her halloween party. Pictures to come to a facebook near you!

  2. That is so funny!! Oh...the ballroom looks nice! I cracked up too!

  3. Your belly looks so cute in these pictures! Hope you're feeling great!

  4. Cute shirt! I love Halloween. I'm rocking Rosie the Riveter this year!

  5. Ha Ha- That is why I warn the hubby to watch what he says!
    Glad you had a nice Halloween :)


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