tuesday, wednesday heart attack

boots: thrifted; skirt: f21; tee: kohl's; cardi: target
believe it or not, this skirt is one of my most comfortable bottoms with a growing middle!
it's so stretchy and soft and doesn't make me feel all trapped and claustrophobic by the end of the day.
i love getting a little dressed up, even if i'm just working in the store. since i'm my own boss and our only employee, there are really no rules and i can wear whatever i want to work (especially now that i don't even have byui's fairly strict dress codes to follow). so technically, i could wear pajamas to work every day, which believe me, i've considered. i feel like that makes me a poor representative of the business we've put so much heart and sweat into, though, so i get a kick out of wearing a skirt or dress to work, even if it is paired with a cure-themed tee shirt!


  1. But Brandilyn it is NOT Friday STOP this madness

    ps Skirts and denim leggings (bc I hate the term jeggings) were the best when I was pregnant

  2. and I....need that shirt!!! Ohhhh how I wish it was Friday!!!

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  3. Stylish and comfy - so cute. I would love to find a cardigan like that to wear with my brown boots. It's such a great length and color.


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