advent calendar

boots: etienne aigner via kohl's; tights: express; skirt: panache; tee: walmart; sweater: h&m
some days lately, i look like i have a beer belly and i'm not pregnant at all. but other days, i'm like HOLY CRAP THERE'S A CHILD IN THERE. today was on of those days.

anyways, here's my december advent calendar UNVEIL!
it always makes me giggle when people say "such-and-such UNVEIL!" like...you've been on the edge of your seat waiting for this, right?! i kid, i kid. it's not an iphone 5...it's just an advent calendar i made for the month of december.

each day has a little bag with something fun in it. some days it's some candy for each of us (500% dark for david so no dairy, PB m&ms for me!), some days it's a little date to go on (drive around and look at holiday lights, make paper snowflakes for the window), some days a big date (tickets for a show), some days something simple like "drink cider and hold hands."

i'm excited to have a fun little thing to do each day!
here it is all hung up:
i'm sure there are darling, crafty bloggers out there who would have executed this in a way cuter fashion...but i'm excited to have some christmas spirit in my apartment! hopefully it can turn into a fun tradition for our family. 
what traditions are you starting or continuing this year? i'd love to know!


  1. such a cute idea! I was just telling my husband how badly I wanted to try making an advent calendar, but the dates in addition to candy sounds so fun! I might have to totally copy you.

  2. We always do stockings for each other (candy, razors, socks, a cd the other has wanted, magazines.. just fun little things) and then open them when it's just us around- either Christmas eve or Christmas morning.
    I love your advent calendar! We always get one from Trader Joes but I like this idea better!

  3. I dunno, those look pretty darn cute to me. =) I love this idea and I'm wondering how to copy it with like, half the effort...

  4. I love your sweater! and I love this advent idea, our friend's mom does it for her grand kids every year and they hang it in their rooms, and get such a kick out of it! Your contents are great, you'll have fun for sure! And I really love the bags:)

  5. This is the greatest idea ever! Don't mind if I copy :)

  6. So cute!

    (look at that cute belly!!!)

  7. i loooove it! i have an advent chain (http://christmas.yourway.net/printable-advent-chain/) and the simplicity of printing and choosing activities worked for me. but i love how each day of your bags is also stocked! it's so cute on the wall. happy memory-making!

  8. p.s. the blog's new outfitting looks great!

  9. This is amazing! There's something new and exciting every day! Plus it's waaay better than the waxy chocolate that comes in the store bought ones :)


  10. love the advent calendar! your tummy looks so cute!!!

  11. This advent calander is just adorable!!!

  12. I am obsessed with advent calendars and I think that one is just so adorable. You get Best Wife award for 2011. :)

    I loved that feeling of looking down and feeling really pregnant for the first time. You look darling.

  13. i honestly love lov elove love love this idea!!!

  14. Very Cute! Hey, if you have some extra time on your hands would you like to create one for me :)))



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