boots: thrifted; jeans/tee: motherhood maternity; scarf: panache
i promise my hair isn't super greasy, i just didn't bother blow drying so it was still wet when we took these pictures in my parent's backyard. the pit bull is simba, my family's new dog. he's a ton of fun and told me he hopes to get a modeling contract with that smolder he's showing off in the first picture.

when this posts, i will be at the doctor's office finding out the gender of my baby!
this will be my second ultrasound (and probably last--i've been reading about how ultrasounds affect the baby and i'm not impressed or inclined to have any more) and i'm excited to know what we'll be having.
it's been, as always, too much fun being in california with my family. marley has been even snugglier than he usually is and i've been soaking up every second of it:
look at the baby! so sweet! 

my mom and i did 4 days of yoga last week, including a 3-day workshop, so on thursday, friday, and saturday we took 2.5 hour morning classes. it felt insanely good to take a formal class from a real teacher again! i do miss living near a yoga studio.
i also spent saturday in berkeley with my mom, sister, brother, and brother-in-law. we spent the afternoon browsing urban outfitters, buffalo exchange, and all the crazy little shops up and down telegraph. it's my favorite place to visit in the bay area!
so that's what's up! i hope you all had the best of thanksgivings. i can't wait to share gender tomorrow, for those of you who care! any last guesses?


  1. definitely a girl :) excited for you to find out!

  2. OMG!!! thats exciting put it on twitter!!! also... do tell how u tie ur scarf!

  3. I'm guessing a girl. Can't wait to find out!

  4. Everyone thinks girl so i'll have to go with...boy. yes. boy.

  5. I'm so excited! I hope it's a girl! don't tell, but I like girl babies better. It evens out though because I like boys better from age 7 and on. I love your outfit. that's my favorite way to tie a scarf! And holy moley! You worked out like crazy over the vacation weekend. That's about the complete opposite of what I did :)

  6. Exciting! I'm thinking. . . boy. Yes, a boy.

  7. it feels even more suspenseful waiting for you to announce the gender of your baby that it did for me waiting to find out my own last week (we're having a boy!!!) probably because i was so uncomfortable with all the water i had to drink i was just ready for the bathroom break midway through haha

    congrats either way! and i can't wait to hear the news! :)


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