chocolate chip stems

oxfords: wholesale-dress.net; tights: target; sweater: j.crew/gift; button-up: panache

david took this picture while i was mid-sentence talking to my best friend michelle after church...which is why i'm making a weird face. i'm not trying to look all sassy or anything, okay? because i'm totally not the sassy kind. obviously.

also, one of the little girls in the primary class david and i teach poked my leg on sunday and said, "hey! you have chocolate chips on your legs!" they're hearts, but i didn't mind her artistic interpretation one bit. this same little girl also flipped the family tree she was coloring upside down and made all of the circles for family member's faces into tomatoes.

p.s. hulu commercials: i hate geicko commercials with a fiery passion. and the california commercial that starts with kardashian girl reading a quantum physics textbook? hilarious. i watch too much hulu, boo.


  1. i think a tomato faced family tree is a great idea! i gotta meet this kid!

  2. Oh my goodness, Tyler and I HATE with a passion the Geicko commercials and the Jack-in-the-Box ones.

  3. I miss teaching primary kiddos. They are so hilarious and just make Sundays even sweeter! Cute tights!

  4. tomato? or apple? cuz apples usually grow in trees.

  5. Anon - tomatoes. she's 4, i don't think she was terribly concerned with how true to nature her picture was :)

  6. i luv reading ur blog..hehe, chocolate chips? she's artistic! believe me.


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