delivery woes

 boots: thrifted; socks: gift; leggings: old navy maternity; chambray/jacket: target; necklace: truly sarah
behold, my first item of maternity clothing!
boy, were they worth the $12.50. these babies are comfortable.

okay, speaking of maternity things...
my bff shpitty is a pizza delivery lady. she is super speedy and brings delicious, piping hot pizza right to people's front doors. and...she never gets tipped.
this is bogus, right? i mean, there are times when you don't know whether or not to tip. having a pizza delivered to your house is not one of those times. you always tip your pizza delivery person.

well, for halloween, we dressed up as each other. hilarious to people who know us...to people who don't know us, we just looked normal. she wore skinny jeans, a tee shirt, a vest, a scarf. basically, brandilyn-esque clothing.
shpitty's costume also included a fake baby belly, because...you know...i'm pregnant and all.
hers was bigger than mine, though. not unrealistically bigger, but definitely a few months bigger. and it looked very real, all round under her tee shirt. well, she still had to work on the day she wore this costume.
even as a pregnant pizza delivery lady, she did not get a single tip.

this is ridiculous, right? i mean, am i nutso? am i the only person who thinks pizza delivery drivers should be tipped? the pizza parlor she works at doesn't add on any kind of delivery charge or automatic tip or anything!

anyways, i thought it was bogus. and i was glad that she's not actually pregnant and running all over town delivering pizzas, because that would be downright exhausting.


  1. Wow. I am shocked! Who doesn't tip a delivery person?! That's like, the whole reason why I sometimes get off my lazy butt to go get it--because I'd rather save the extra few bucks. But when I am feeling lazy or can't leave the house--of course I am going to PAY someone else to do it. Seems like common sense.

    I really don't like when pizza places add a "delivery fee" but don't forward it to the deliverer. That's bogus.

  2. Are the leggings warm? & Your hair looks so pretty!

    :) Jenn

  3. I always tip my pizza delivery person!!

  4. Jenn - for a day working in the store, they're comfortable and warm enough. if i were walking to campus and back, i'd definitely be layering! & thank you, it's been ages since i curled it :)

    Julia & Audrey - RIGHT?! thank you!!

  5. okay. i work serving ice cream to people and it bugs the CRAP out of me when i scoop ice cream for a group of fifteen to twenty people, and don't get a tip! you would never go to a restaurant and order more than $40 worth of food and not leave a tip, i don't understand why people think it's okay when you're not anywhere else! food service for tips! haha.

  6. i'm totally shocked she didn't get tipped! I'm tempted to ask for her address so I can send her $20! LAME SAUCE PEOPLE!

  7. I thought everyone tipped pizza delivery drivers. That is insane!!!

  8. I'm really surprised, although it's Rexy aka poor students, but still... I used to never order pizza for delivery because of the tip (pesky cash) but now places up here allow you to pay over the phone when you order & add a tip then. So much more convenient!
    (she should have rubbed her 'belly' when standing in front of them..guilt them a little. hahaha)

  9. Great outfit. Love the boots.



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