boots: my momma's; tights/dress (maternity)/cardi: target; belt: f21

a haphazard* assortment of things i like:
 these crackers! i'm going to have to stock up at trader joe's when i got home to california for thanksgiving. i'm on my last bag.
 getting my shelf in the hall closet all tidy...and realizing that david's right when he says i have a lot of jeans.
 my slips. i bought these on my birthday in june because they looked cozy and i felt like it. i didn't realize they said "#1 mom" on them until i brought them home...i wasn't even pregnant at the time (although i really wanted to be), although now that i am, they make me feel special. even though i bought them for myself.
 getting the magnets on our fridge all organized. i'm not really a neat freak, but having them all lined up makes me happy for some reason.
when our apartment is really cold and david tucks a blanket around me like a burrito. so cozy.

*true story: i busted out my thesaurus to find a better word than "random" because i feel like that word is overused and unoriginal these days. even though i do use it myself from time to time.


  1. HAHA!! i just laughed at like every single one of ur pictures! except for ur outfit pic. i smiled because u are so pretty. but ur little slippers and u snuggling in the couch is so funny!!

  2. I'm diggin the fridge magnets! Refrigerator doors were meant to be decorated. Also, that dress looks darling on you!!

  3. Ok - CUTEST picture EVER! Looks like you couldn't be more comfortable :)

  4. HAHA I love that you looked it up! And that's a good idea to write out your weekly menu. I should do that! I LOVED your slippers story! Good job #1 mom :)

  5. 1. I LOVE that dress. Would it be weird for me to buy a maternity dress?
    2. ha ha love the slippers. You totally will be #1 mom
    3. I'm pretty sure I wrap myself up like a burrito every day, but I'm usually passed out as well!

    Hope you're doing good and happy!


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