boots: thrifted; leggings: old navy maternity; cardi/belt: panache; chambray: target
my husband is back!
i have never been so thrilled to see that grin and that messy hair walk through panache's front door.
it was a long week without him, and a long week in general. i really wanted some quiet date time with my mister, but knew he'd be tired from a week of business and a day of traveling so i wanted to leave plans for the evening up to him. i can't tell you how thrilled i was when he asked me out to dinner all the way in idaho falls! after a week of migraines, non-stop construction below the store, and eating by my lonesome, a little dinner away from rexburg was exactly what i needed. AND...i got to choose the place! OLIVE GARDEN! my cliché girly side comes out when olive garden is involved. i love that place. bread sticks and salad and minestrone, mmm.
after dinner, david bought the baby and i some winter boots. i already have boots, but none of them have an iota of traction, and at 18 weeks my balance is getting wobbly. add that to the ice you see on the ground and you get first-time parents worrying about slipping and hurting the little one. i can't wait to show you my wintery new footwear.

anyways, i had a good night snuggled up to my husband and i can't wait to have him all to myself this weekend! nothing like a little absence to make this heart grow fonder.


  1. Yay! Glad he's back! Enjoy your weekend reunited :)

  2. Wow! He's such a sweetie. I bet that made your evening! Good luck on the ice. I dusted off my boots this morning as well!

  3. you are such a cute pregnant lady!

  4. oh my goodness! you're almost halfway there! i'm glad your husboy is home:):)

  5. Hey There! I just came upon your blog from the clothed much website. You are such a cute pregnant lady! Seriously. Im pretty new to bloggin but if you ever want to swap buttons or swap post or any of that bloggin....stuff ;) that would be awesome.! Cute blog!



  6. you two have such a cute marriage :) I'm enjoying where I'm at now, but I'm really excited to be where you guys are too! expecting your first child has got to be so exciting! :D


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