kid's pack

flats: gift/target; leggings: old navy maternity; tunic: h&m; blazer: panache; beanie: ?; necklace: truly sarah
i wore this for a date with my husband last weekend.
pregnancy has made me 100% ditch my "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS" rule. i at least try to keep my bum covered at all times...i don't know if that earns me any points. i guess i'll file "leggings as pants" into the "eating my own words" file. feel free to give me a hard time about it if i ever run into you!

anyways, we saw i don't know how she does it at the dollar theater here in rexburg. i was thrilled with the theater that night because they let me get the kid's pack:
which is only $3.25 with an icee upgrade (i need my icee)! i was all prepared to defend my reasoning for getting the kid's pack even though i'm older than 12 (i'm feeding a child, right?...right?) but they didn't even ask any questions! they just gave it to me! it was the perfect amount of snacking for a movie. plus our tickets were only $3, so it was a cheap date night. plus one for small town living.


  1. Leggings are pants, lol..and you look super cute in yours...love date nights!!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  2. haha i am 100 per cent aokay with leggings as long as the crotch and butt area are covered by a long shirt or dress....otherwise people just look like ballerina wannabes and it's weird...

  3. love this outfit! you are a cute little pregnant lady.

  4. Cute outfit girl! ahhh I miss those Rexburg days going to the movie....

  5. Okay, so I totally just got my leggings in the mail today and I love them! I agree as long as your bum is covered they totally count. Thanks for the great and comfy idea!

    -Sara from ZSAllen.blogspot.com

  6. isn't pregnancy such a blessing! my hubby and i are expecting our first little one, we're right under 20 weeks right now. it's such a new and exciting experience! i haven't tried leggings yet, i started wearing a full panel maternity pant from liz lange for target and they're so comfy. you're such an adorable pregnant lady, how far along are you now?

  7. hi,lacey! congratulations!! i'm almost at 18 weeks. we're thrilled!! i would highly recommend leggings...so comfy! and thank you :)

  8. As long as your bum is covered and the leggings are not see-through they equal the most comfortable maternity item known to man. And I still wear leggings as pants (with bum covered) post baby because they're just too damn comfy. Rock it mama.


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