like a table

 boots: tj maxx; pants: old navy; flannel/cardi: panache
these are my new boots!
i love them. they are so warm and cozy. david is impressed with the tread, which he made sure to photograph so you could all admire it:
now i am stable as a table! (like lucille 2, am i right?)

as you read this, david and i will be california-bound for thanksgiving! it's a 13-hour drive, so i'm a bit nervous about how my usually-aching back will hold up, but i'm pretty excited to see my family and (!!) find out if i've got a little girl or boy in there (any guesses?). you'll have to excuse me if my posting is a bit sporadic...i'll try to keep up, but no promises! sometimes it's good to take a break from the online world and enjoy people who i don't see nearly enough.


  1. Cute boots!

    and I guess girl for sure.

  2. i love the boots, i'm going to have to look into them, we're heading into the slippery season here soon.

    I also am guessing girl! We find out the gender of our baby tomorrow and the suspense is killing me! :)

  3. You're the cutest pregnant lady ever! Ah, I'm so jealous you'll be home for Thanksgiving, soak up some sunshine and have so much fun finding out the gender! Yay!

  4. bahhh. i remembered when that mustard cardigan was in your shop and they were all out of my size! still love it! :] Have fun in cali!

  5. Love the Arrested Development reference :) Made me laugh. Love the new boots!


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