a little anniversary

 boots: thrifted; socks: target; dress: panache; sweater: gap; necklace: etsy/gift
the glamour of marriage:

tender conversations:
david: "have you been eating beef jerky?"
me: "no..why, do i have bad breath?"
david: "...no."

midnight snacks:

sexy outfits:
picture me in david's bathrobe, fuzzy slipper socks, and glasses.
picture david in sweatpants, an over sized dickie's flannel jacket, and crazy man hair.
we make quite the pair.

anyways, today we've been married for 3 years and 3 months!
i really, really love little anniversaries, and i really, really love mr. david.
i love the funny times, the tender times, and even the decidedly un-glamorous times.


  1. I love your tender marriage conversations....and your belly is so adorable, that dress is amazing. CONGRATS!

  2. Perfect outfit today! You look so beautiful!

  3. What a great dress. I adore that color.



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