one shot

boots: aldo/gift; tights/top: target; skirt/sweater: panache

we managed to get 2 pictures in before the camera died.
in one of them i was mid-sentence (i don't even shut up to have my picture taken!) and this was the other one. it was a cold day, that skirt was squeezing me/little one way too tight, and i was hungry.
for these reasons, i did not take any more pictures after we went upstairs.

i got these boots from my momma a couple years agof or christmas and i looove them, but i never know what to pair them with! every time i figure something out, though, i leap for joy. they are soft and comfy.

well, anyways, today i made an advent calendar for the month of december. every day has a fun little somethin'-somethin' for david and i to eat/do and i'm excited about it, so i'll probably show you soon. plus, now that i'm going to have a baby i should probably start showcasing how supa crafty i am on my blog, right? jokes, jokes, i'm not crafty at all. but i try!


  1. omg i love the color of those boots!! i wanna see side view! u look so cute!

  2. Advent calendars are the best! Props to being crafty.

  3. looking fine! Classy and chic. :)



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