boots: modcloth; socks: f21; leggings: old navy maternity; top/cardi: panache; scarf: h&m
I like this yellow cardigan because it makes me look like a cute bumble bee.  I miss the bees now that it is winter time..
David picked out the scarf... and did my hair.
Man I could eat a big fat wendys cheeseburger RIGHT NOW

(i left my computer for 20 minutes after i got this post started and david had written that. i decided to leave it because it made me laugh...and the thing about the cheeseburger is usually true except for the supremely salty burger i had last night)

get ready to see lots of these maternity leggings. my jeans are thisclose to not fitting anymore, so until i find decently cute maternity jeans (a seemingly impossible mission...if you have some that you love, please help a sister out and leave a link!), these leggings are my new bff.

well, our ceiling leaked dirty water onto the carpet in the store all weekend and now my cute little clothing store smells like a fishy swamp. i can't tell if it's my hyper-sensitive nose or if it really does smell that bad...either way, i need to get some serious incense going in here or something. sometimes i get the feeling that people think i have a cushy job because i can blog or eat lunch or text my mom while i'm "on the clock," but i don't think those people take things like squid-scented carpet into consideration.


  1. cute! love your cardigan! and cute cute boots:)

  2. That is a lovely scarf! I love the mix of colors in this outfit.


  3. Hahaha! I read the first paragraph & was soooo confused...just didn't seem like you...especially since you've been loving the arrival of winter...but I was totally thrown off w/ the burger comment cause that sounded more like something you'd say. That was hilarious...wish you could have seen the confusion on my face!

  4. Double thumbs up on this outfit. P.s. Where did you get leggings thick enough to not show... you know... the undies?

  5. sara, they're from old navy! they were on sale for $12.50, so i ordered 2 :) i read a ton of reviews that all raved about how they weren't see-through and how awesome they were.

    i'm pretty sure these are the same ones, and they're $10 now! score for you!


  6. You are pregnant -- you're legs should not still be that skinny! I think I'm having hot-pregnant lady envy.

  7. rockin' the leggings! you look so cute. and that first paragraph was hilarious:)

  8. Thank you! I might just have to treat myself to a pair!

  9. I was lucky and was able to thrift several pairs of maternity jeans, but eventually I sprung for an expensive (for me...$40) pair from Motherhood that's my favorite. Keys: though you think the low-rise will be cool the whole way through, when you get bigger the "secret fit belly" is waaay more comfy (it's like the top of leggings and stretchy and you can roll it down if you really want it that way. I also had a HELL of a time finding jeans with a NUDE colored panel so I could wear light colored tops with them without it looking like my jeans were all the way up to my boobs bc the panel was navy (sure, they ARE up to my boobs, but we don't need to advertise that). Motherhood was really the only place I could find that had several of those for a semi-reasonable price (I won't pay $90 for a pair of jeans...I just won't).

    oh PS I ordered from Motherhood online, even. Worked out a-ok (we have a store semi-nearby that I could return them to if needed, but it's kinda far).

  10. Target jeggings saved my life. I bought a size bigger than I usually wear and they fit until the very last day of my pregnancy. And comfortably. No zipper, just a simple button and lots of stretch. It was such a great purchase.


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