boots: thrifted; jeans: ae; top: panache; sweater: target
i saw my sister-in-law wearing the pumpkin version on this sweater and bought the purple one the very next day, hoping i would look as chic and cozy as sarah did. sarah always looks put together and pretty, a skill i will forever be envious of. i'm also hoping to copy her adorable child creating abilities, because my niece is the most gorgeous little human who ever walked the earth. i know all aunties say that, but i'm for reals here. the kid is darling.

as you can see, the snow has come to rexburg. you all know how thrilled i am about this, right? so thrilled. bundling up and holding on tight to david's arm so i don't slip...mm. my favorite. really, though, slipping has been a legitimate concern this year. all of my shoes are insanely impractical and i'm terrified i'll fall and hurt the little one. this is a worry because most winters, i fall all. the. time. i usually laugh it off, but not this year! to help my shoe situation, i'm ordering these bad boys and hoping they keep me upright. fingers crossed.

true story: i had to safety pic the gap between two buttons on the shirt. they kept..you know...gapping! this has never happened to me before. before i got knocked up, i was shaped like a surfboard. dressing for a new body has been quite the adventure!


  1. SNOW! Send some over to the south! This girl is getting tired of 70 degree weather. in november. :/


  2. we haven't seen any snow here in missouri yet, but i'm so excited for when we finally do! i totally understand the "oh lord please don't let me fall" thing, i don't own any winter practical shoes either, i'll have to invest in some soon, i hope yours do the trick for you :)

  3. You look so pretty! I like your hair straight like that! & I have those boots! I really like them :) Currently it is pouring down rain here in NJ. Yippee. Stay warm! & Stay on your feet :)

  4. HA! I almost bought those! Until, you know, I remembered I don't live in Rexburg anymore.

  5. Love your blog....i think it's the honesty....and innocence. It's very sweet , cute and funny. And yeah, you keep holding on....for the rest of your life...don't EVER stop!!!

    S's Mom and A's Grandma!!


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