boots: thrifted; skirt/cardi: panache; tee: motherhood; necklace: momma's
we got back to rexburg and our little apartment last night after a 15-hour drive. it was longer than usual because, basically, i pee a lot now and i eat a lot now. i also cry a lot now...yesterday, i cried a lot because i hated leaving my family in california. i cried a lot the day before because i could hardly believe my good luck. maybe tomorrow i'll be crying because i'm tired of crying. really though, sometimes i'm that unreasonable...especially when i'm tired, and i'm very tired as i'm writing this.

anyways, get ready to see a lot of these tee shirts from motherhood maternity! my momma got me set up with some maternity basics and i'm so grateful i could (you guessed it) cry. i had no idea they would be so much more comfortable than squeezing my expanding self into my old clothes!


  1. Love the new highlights! I love your hair blonde!

  2. loooove maternity clothes. after being pregnant you'll think that it will be so easy to get back into your cute wardrobe... no such luck. its taken me six months to even be able to look at my old jeans/cords. and you guessed it- i cried.

  3. You're such a healthy, glowy looking pregnant mama-to-be! Also, your boots are fab.

  4. Maternity clothes are the best! Also, your bump is looking super cute by the way.

  5. You are such a cute mommy. Your tummy is adorable.


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