with and without

boots: thrifted; tights/dress: express; belt/scarf: panache
this week has been a bit cray-cray!
(note: i have never said "cray-cray" in my life. i don't think i pulled it off very well and i probably won't be adding it to me vernacular)
david's been out of town and i've been a bit sick, two things that throw me off double when combined. i just haven't felt like myself. luckily my main squeeze will be back home today and i'm feeling better (water works miracles), so i'm just thrilled. i spent my last night sans husband getting dinner with my bff shpitty and watching a girlie movie (drop dead gorgeous never gets old!) in my pajamas. oh, and i cleaned house a bit. i turn into such a party animal when left to my own devices!


  1. Drop Dead Gorgeous is my family's favorite movie. Good choice!

    North Meets South

  2. aw i hope that your mood (and your morning sickness) improves! when he gets back, i'm sure he'll spoil you, because he missed you too! :) xo!

  3. You have snow already, I'm so jealous! We haven't had any snow that sticks to the ground yet in NY. I hope you feel better soon - and you're right, water is a great cure-all!


  4. You're sweet, Meg! Haven't had any morning sickness, just a little cold! Thank you though :)

  5. I;m the same way :) Love your scarf and glad you are feeling better!


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