2011 card

i hope you guys are gearing up for an awesome holiday weekend!
we're headed to georgia to celebrate Christ's birth with david's family and i'm excited for lots of rain, good food, and mostly, excellent company.
merry merry christmas!


  1. that's adorable! i love the little symbols!
    btw, since you're coming to the south, i'll just warn you - it's been over 60* for the past week. don't pack sweaters.

  2. talley - what?! no cardigans?? what will i doooo?? haha thank you for the heads up!

  3. i love your christmas card! congratulations on 3 years of marriage + 3 years at panache :) and the baby of course!

  4. how adorable, merry christmas to you and your family! have a safe trip :)

  5. Hi! A few friends and I are starting up a modest fashion blog in January and we added a button linking to your blog. Congrats on the pregnancy! Follow us and check it out!



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