baby, it's cake outside

boots: tj maxx; pants: old navy; tee: wal mart; chambray: target; necklace: ae
i already told you i love these boots, right?
just checking. they keep my toes perfectly toasty.
we strolled to the grocery store last night right in the middle of the freeze i spoke of yesterday.
it was 14° out and made our cheeks pink and numb, but my toes stayed nice and nimble. we picked up yellow cake mix and wrapping paper, then we got to come home to apple cider (it was in today's advent calendar bag) and i baked myself a birthday cake! just kidding, it's not my birthday, i just wanted a birthday cake. my half birthday is on friday! perfect. winter really is the best!

tidbit about my life between the sheets (i don't know why i phrased it like that, how misleading!): so far this year, i've been putting a thousand (or 5) quilts on our bed instead of our hugie comforter:
my favorite quilt to toss on top is this one i stole from my parent's house after i moved out. i've mentioned before how sentimental i get about silly things that remind me of home (like my mom's slippers, or my dad's wooly socks, or my ancient bear), and this quilt is no exception. my grandmother and aunts made it for my mom years ago and it's so soft and worn and cozy. i love it so much. COZY TOWN! you can also see my leg pillow, which i call "leggie." i can't stand it when my kneecaps touch, so i sleep with that wedge pillow in between them. so conveniently made, thank you bb&b!


  1. are prenatal vitamins making your hair extra long?? i think so! you totally have a gorgeous lion mane.

  2. Love those boots! I need a pair like that, it's supposed to start snowing tonight, ugh :( And 14 degrees sounds so chilly, I hope you are staying warm!


  3. um yes agreed ur hair is looking extra long and luscious!!! mmmmmm hot.

  4. Hey! It's myyy birthday today! Haha I think that's so cool and hilarious. Eat it well! You look as cute as ever.

  5. Your blog is adorable! You are adorable!

    Aaaaand. You won the crib bedding set $100 credit at Iviebaby! You can send me a shop convo whenever you're ready to get started designing :)



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