the bad feminist

moccasins/jeans: target; tee: motherhood; sweatshirt: ae; vest: old navy ($7!), scarf: f21
this was a day off, comfy outfit.
i love cozy layers. i always feel bare and chilly at the end of the day when i take my scarf off.

rexburg is getting C O L D E R.
david and i kept laughing the other night while running errands because of how very bitter cold it is. i pointed out how happy i was that it wasn't 100 degrees out, though. i really hate being sweaty. and i really love hanging onto david's arm when there's ice on the ground. i also love that he hurries down the stairs ahead of me (i'm very slow on stairs lately) to get the car started, them runs around to open my door, then back to the bottom of the stairs to help me to my seat. really, i'd make it fine on my own. but the extra help is nice.
i guess that makes me a bad feminist...or a grateful wife. 
the two don't have to be mutually exclusive, now, do they?


  1. oh i have those same moccasins from target, aren't they so comfortable!? i think i've worn them everday since i got them, they're so cozy on my pregnant, sometimes swollen feet! and luckily we haven't gotten any ice here yet to worry about, be careful out there, it looks so slick in your pictures!

  2. Love the cozy, always good. Great scarf!

  3. Totally agree about the whole bad feminist/grateful wife thing- it's nice that men do things for women at the end of the day! :)

  4. brandilyn.. u still look cute even when u wear comfy clothes and are pregnant! not fair!!

  5. I think you'd only be a bad feminist if you weren't equally grateful if your BFF did those lovely things for you :] I'm an equal-opportunity favor-thanker.

  6. What a sweet husband you have:)

  7. rexburg is always bitter cold! I remember walking to class and i thought i was going to DIE!

    just found you through Mormon Fashion Bloggers! Yay LDS bloggers ;)


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