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this week's been tricky, outfit-wise.
the baby grew a solid 1.5" in his 21st week, and i've been feeling the drain on my energy. these last few days, it's just been more worth it to be comfortable in a tee shirt and moccasins than to have a cute outfit to snap pictures of.
i know readers of this blog don't care much for lifestyle posts, but that's on the menu today anyways. i decided to play with my camera and shoot some things around the apartment instead of handing photography duty off to david for an outfit post.
 our advent calendar activity yesterday was picking out christmas jammies for the little homeboy to wear next year (size 9 mo!). i tossed them over a kitchen chair when we got home last night, and this morning the little feet on them about did me in.
picked up the cutest diapers today!
i never thought i'd be so excited about something he would poop in, but cloth diapers are just the cutest.
 comfort food for dinner--grilled cheese, tomato soup, and glass bottled root beer.
 david's cookies--so good i don't even miss the dairy or gluten!
 happiness is a rack full of clean, drying dishes.
wrapped gifts gathering under our itty-bitty christmas tree.

p.s. it's the last day to enter to win a shabby apple dress if you haven't done so already and you're into free, cute things!


  1. Love all the pictures!!!

  2. I like lifestyle posts, and a few scattered among outfit pictures give a style blog more depth. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the lifestyle posts! Those cloth diapers are so cute and I can relate to the clean dishes. So nice!!

  4. I vote you share the gf/df cookie recipe... :)

  5. I like your lifestyle posts! I say do them more often, they are enjoyable.
    Also those diapers, Fuzzi buns, are the ones my friend uses, and she uses cloth wipes as well, they save $ and are more gentle. Plus those diapers look adorable on the wee one because they make their bottoms look so big, it's cute! Have so much fun!

  6. mandy - they're the betty crocker brand boxed cookie dough! we use earth balance for butter when cooking to keep it df (dairy-free AND dave-friendly...har har har!). they're just EXTRA good when david makes them because he uses the special ingredient of love...and he's perfected mixing/cooking time. let me know if you try them! betty crocker also makes awesome gf brownie and cake mixes.

    brandi - i've heard awesome reviews from everyone about fuzzi bunz! the colors are so fun and the fleece is so soft on the inside. i'm excited to be kind to my baby's bottom + mama earth, as well as saving (literally) thousands.

  7. mmm, grilled cheese is my fav!

  8. Pick me! I love cute, free things. Your pictures are so great by the way : )

  9. I have a dairy and gluten intolerance too. The betty crocker cookies are good, but have you tried the enjoy life brand, nom nom nom.


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