cheap 'n easy

boots: thrifted; skirt: f21; tee: motherhood; scarf: gift
it's getting COLD!
just look at that frost on our staircase...yikes.
actually, most of that is spray-on snow c/o the high schoolers who held a winter wonderland dance in the ballroom we live next to. but f'reals, it's still chilly.

so i was sitting in the store the other day, complaining to my good friend (/co-worker) megan that all i ever want to wear is a tee shirt and moccasins, which makes me a bad fashion blogger, right?

i mean, shouldn't i be in sky-high heels and skinny jeans and funky tops and blazers and non-prescription glasses every day? with my hair curled to perfection?

she reminded me that a simple scarf fancies a tee shirt right up. what a smart cookie that megan is.
so the other day, when i felt achy and pregnant and just wanted to wear a tee shirt and comfortable cotton skirt, i decided to add a scarf. and what do you know, i did feel fancier!

i mean, i know i'm not going to be skyrocketed to blogger fame with this outfit...but that was never really my intent in blogging, anyways. i'm just not a fancy-dressing kind of girl.
i'm a cheap and easy kind of girl.

not...well, whatever. you know what i mean.


  1. You look awesome! And that baby bump is beautiful :)

  2. Its hard to fit in cute clothes when you're pregnant. I don't know how Sydney did it! I'm with you - whatever is comfortable is whats going on my body.

    Little Homeboy is looking quite cute on you, Brandilyn! (ps. its weird to call you Brandilyn after only knowing you as Brandi for well.. the entire time I have known you)

  3. You look great! Cute and comfortable. Way to go!! Also, I'm so glad I have a break from the Rexburg cold. Enjoy!

  4. I love the outfits you post because, unlike a lot of other fashion blogs, your outfits feel like something I could actually replicate on my non-existent budget. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm calling you cheap--you are just real! So, thank you! And, you are looking like a beautiful mother-to-be! Merry Christmas!


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