boots: target; jeans/tee: motherhood; cardi: panache; necklace: truly sarah
today's hallway pictures brought to you by winter's early sunsets and poor planning. everyone say bonjour to my fancy red tile flooring, which is impossible to make clean and has likely been in that hallways since the 40's (no lie). i'm, like, soooo vintage.
also, my photo editing is terrible and i'm too relaxed to care right now. those of you who come here for the incredible photography...well, you probably un-followed me a long time ago, huh?

time for another round of...
cell phone vomit!
 panache got christmas-ized! falalala!
 my cute little baby napping, aaw.
 and saying hello! he's a charmer, the handsome little devil.
 saw this in reno on the drive to CA. this is probably my dream job..
 some genius changed the sign from "santa prefers dominos" LOL
 my christmas bonus. my boss knows just what i like. if you don't think this is an awesome bonus, 1. you didn't see the bum squeeze that came with the chocolates*, and 2. we probably wouldn't be friends in real life.
yeah. i know.

*new readers of le blog: my husband and i own a clothing boutique together, so i joke that he's my boss...i don't work in a horrifically sexually abusive place...


  1. i did a double take after the bum-squeeze remark, until i remembered! and i love that those chocolates are bigger than your baby bump (which is getting BIG!)

    you look super cute with a bump, btw :)

  2. HAHAHA, your note at the end cracked me up.
    I've read your blog for a while but I still had to go, "wait..she doesn't have a boss...I think..".

  3. HAHAHAH!!!! the second picture of marley makes me crack up!! he looks like hes ready to be a model!! haha kitty

  4. Ahhhh your baby bump is so stinken cute! I love it! Also, I really want that tribal shirt!!! If you have a medium let me know and I'll purchase!

  5. chelse - on the store blog? we totally have a M! i'll send or hold for you, just let me know :)

  6. your store looks gorgeous for the holidays! i wish i lived in idaho so i could come shop!!

  7. your disclaimer made me laugh

  8. Your hair is getting so long! And your belly is getting so cute! Ah!


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